Monday, 14 March 2011

A weekend of vintage

I was most excited when I got the weekly email update from The Guardian fashion team, to find at the bottom all I craved, a couple of sentences about a vintage fair happening a mere half an hour’s drive away from home, in Stockport. My first question was how I hadn’t heard about this sooner!

Vintage Village goodness
Normally my Sunday mornings are reserved for being quite lazy, consisting of reading the papers and pottering about, but the lure of a fair filled with vintage goodness, well I couldn’t resist! The early start was a challenge, but more than worth it when I reached the haven of the old Victorian market – from the moment of entry it was pure indulgence; the buzz of shoppers, the old music sounding from the gramophone and glamorous sellers in their vintage regalia – all setting the nostalgic scene. I was glad I had tried to fit in with the glamorous crowd by wearing a vintage dress my auntie had kindly passed my way a few years ago.

Me, myself and my dress!
After a couple of hours of wondering around the stalls and devouring the vintage wares, I emerged with more than a few purchases; three dresses, one folk art inspired waistcoat and a beaded Peruvian belt just in case you were curious! That should cure my vintage shopping demons for a while, well until the next fair on the 10th April. Hope to see you there!
For more information visit the Vintage Village website

Image of me - courtesy of Lady, Behave!

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  1. It's an excellent event isn't it. The stalls, stall holders and stock are all simply stunning. I also can't wait for next months.