Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A wardrobe highlight!

The closest I have got to this season’s neon trend is none too careful highlighter pen usage and subsequently ending up with yellow streaks over my hands! Not a good look, but not one to be deterred I decided to go forth and inject some zing into my wardrobe and experiment with neon.

So, off I popped to the shops last weekend, and on my travels I managed to pick up a neon belt in Primark for the bargain basement price of 50p! I don’t normally shop in Primark, mostly because I don’t like picking up clothes to try on that have been sat on the floor! However, I did find myself drawn to the accessories department and 50p lighter I have my first piece of neon!

A slice of neon around the waist

A skinny minny belt to go over my oversized denim shirt, I quite liked the flash of yellow amongst the sea of denim! I might have to experiment a little more with other brights in the neon colour family again soon!

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