Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring, where are you?

I had no photographer at my disposal today, meaning no one else was in the office this afternoon to snap me! Rather than trawl round the building to find someone to take a photo (who didn’t think I was totally vain) I decided to give the old self timer a whirl on the camera!

Spring has sprung

Well the results aren’t exactly Testino worthy but I think you get the jist of my outfit; a sleeveless blazer style dress from H&M (new purchase) with a sheer Reiss patterned top underneath for good measure, oh and an old faithful vintage belt. I am wearing this today as I am desperate to bring out some new spring goodies from my wardrobe – but with the weather not being too kind I am having to work in my new spring pieces with some old favourites! Hurry up spring and bring Mr Sunshine with you too!

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