Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Wishes!

I love Christmas, I still remember the days of writing a long list and hoping on Christmas morning that I’d get just a fraction of what I wished for! 

Christmas day with my brother - circa 1988!
I might be a good a few years older but the mental list I like to prepare and the anticipation is still the same! This year, top of the list is a ‘La Trop├ęzienne bag from Clare Vivier and shoes from Kurt Geiger… what a great combination!

As my boyfriend dearly wants to make me happy, he’ll be the first to admit he doesn’t always get the present choices right – and I’ll admit I can be quite picky!
I know that the two things I am lusting after will be under the tree come Christmas morning. Even though I won’t be shocked by what I find the anticipation is still building for the 7am start when I can fill up the gorgeous tan leather bag with everything I need to carry around with me on a daily basis.

For now here is a link to the bag on the Bodie and Fou website - until the 25th my sweet!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A new (blogging) world!

It’s only right that I confess a love for charity shops in my inaugural blog post. Granted they aren’t for everyone, and believe me I do love a bit of high street shopping buzz every now & then, but nothing quite beats a charity shop find!

So off I popped last week in my lunch hour to grab a sandwich and scour the local charity shop, I rarely leave empty handed and this time was no exception! Just as I was about to walk out of the shop my magpie eye spotted a pair of high waisted, wide leg, graphic print culottes!

Sorry for no full length photo – this is a snippet of the print on the culottes!
 We might be experiencing an abundance of snow throughout the country right now, but let me tell you a girl has to think about updating her SS11 wardrobe whenever she can!

If anyone asks, ‘it was only’ £3.50 – simply fabulous!