Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wardrobe nightmares!

So this picture confirms my fear - I don’t have anything to wear! Yes, you may see a huge wardrobe packed with high street and vintage finds aplenty, but when it comes to getting ready in the morning I get stumped. I said the other day at work that I had lost my fashion mojo – dear friends I believe this to be true…. Now if only I could find said mojo!

My wardrobe

I think what I need is one of those things people like to call ‘a clear out’! As is evident by the photo I don’t have many clear outs, they are very rare in my flat but times may be a changing! I need to get ruthless, who knows what old treasures I might find along the way.

Clueless just like Cher!

More to follow on this subject, that I am sure…

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Come into my life

These amazing Miu Miu sandals have been on my shoe radar for some time now - need, want, must have!

Dot to dot...
 Image from the lovely people at Net a Porter

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lusting after…

I want one of these agate bracelets from Brook&Lyn so badly! I stumbled across the website and fell in love with everything in the ‘Surrounded Day’ collection!

How amazing are these pieces?

Mimi Jung is the artist behind the label, and her jewellery collection is focused around a group of stones she discovered on a trip to Hong Kong. The stones are surrounded in a layer of crochet and rope - I love the simplicity combined with the bold statement they make.

Good news for UK fans, these pieces are available from The Moon & Mars. Warning – you will want to purchase everything from this store too, they stock some great designers from the likes of: Surface to Air, Carin Wester and Stine Goya.