Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wardrobe nightmares!

So this picture confirms my fear - I don’t have anything to wear! Yes, you may see a huge wardrobe packed with high street and vintage finds aplenty, but when it comes to getting ready in the morning I get stumped. I said the other day at work that I had lost my fashion mojo – dear friends I believe this to be true…. Now if only I could find said mojo!

My wardrobe

I think what I need is one of those things people like to call ‘a clear out’! As is evident by the photo I don’t have many clear outs, they are very rare in my flat but times may be a changing! I need to get ruthless, who knows what old treasures I might find along the way.

Clueless just like Cher!

More to follow on this subject, that I am sure…

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  1. i am experiencing the same thing amy! i think i have too many clothes now and i can't see the wood from the trees! i am using this weekend to sort my fashion life out and do a little drop off to the charity shop. i wish i had a little outfit organiser on my computer like cher!x