Monday, 28 March 2011

Belt up!

I thought I would share a relatively new furniture purchase together with a slight obsession I have with belts!

Haberdashery heaven
My wooden haberdashery unit was a steal, my lovely dad salvaged it from an office clearout where he worked. I snatched it up knowing the 27 drawer unit would be the ultimate place to house all my accessories; belts, scarves, perfume, jewels and make up.

Anyway, back to belts! I haven’t actually counted how many I own, must be going on for 40 maybe? To be honest there are some that I haven’t worn in a long time, but for some reason I love purchasing belts – more so those that I have picked up in vintage and charity shops for couple of pounds here and there.

A few new finds!
Pictured above, a few of my recent belt purchases… including a woven cotton belt, a beaded Peruvian leather belt picked up from Vintage Village, a neon skinny belt from Primark and a couple of charity shop finds! I hope you have just as much luck belting up!

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