Friday, 28 January 2011

Get creative with knot tying

One of my guilty TV pleasures is catching up with the 90210 kids (new version) over a lazy weekend in front of the TV.
A stand out fashion figure on screen as well as off is the delightful Gillian Zinser… Oh how I wish to live by the seaside and exude that cool surfer girl vibe!On my daily web hunt I came across this pic of Gillian at People magazine’s StyleWatch event in LA this week.I might have to give this simple ‘tie a knot in a maxi dress’ look a whirl come summer – I will post pics if successful, if not I will be crying into my vodka tonic that I am not young enough to pull off such a feat!
Too cool for school!
It actually reminds me of a look I sampled in the 1990s, the days when you would take the bottom of your t-shirt and loop it through the neck, et voilà a crop top t-shirt was born - You remember trying this don’t you, I know i'm not alone
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